0271 SOV

Aug 28, 2012, 07:05 PM, Övörkhangai, Mongolia

“Agree with you the council does. Your apprentice Skywalker will be.” Yoda said that. So here’s my question: Was Yoda Mongolian? His syntax says yes. Syntax, as you already know, refers to the arrangement of words in a sentence. Some languages, like Mongolian, have very strict rules about word placement. Others, like English, not so much. English has a subject-verb-object or SVO syntax. For example, you might say: I eat camel cheese curds. I is the subject, eat is the verb and camel cheese curds is the object and they are delicious in case you were wondering. Some languages, however, have a subject-object-verb or SOV syntax. Mongolian is one of these languages. Thus I camel cheese curds eat. Sounds a lot like Yoda, don’t you think? And given Chinggis Khaan’s prodigious DNA legacy, it isn’t impossible. #ceas #hacker #mongolia

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