0272 Peas Prize

Aug 28, 2012, 07:08 PM, Neihu District, Taipei City, Taiwan

The winners of the Ramon Magsaysay Awards were recently announced but, unlike that prize they give out in Sweden, they didn’t make much of a splash in the world news pool. Ramon Magsaysay was a popular president of the Philippines who died in a plane crash in the 50s. The awards were set up in his name and the people who win them are “The new heroes of Asia.” This year, one of the winners was a woman named Chen Chu Jiu. Chen is not a scientist or a doctor or a politician. She is a vegetable vendor here in Taiwan who sleeps on the floor and has only a sixth grade education. She gave away over 7 million Taiwanese dollars, from the sale of her vegetables. That’s $231,000, folks and her generosity helped build a library and feed and shelter at-risk children . Inspirational? You bet. Next year perhaps she’ll win the Nobel Peas Prize. #ceas #hacker #taiwan

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