Hughie Green harangues Trent reporter

Sep 08, 2012, 11:08 AM

A great piece of audio. Students of commercial radio history will recall that Hughie Green was one of the people campaigning for legalised commercial radio as far back as the early sixties, as groups began to form of the big guns, anticipating a fairly swift and lucrative entry into the sector. He was to be disappointed.

Accordingly , Hughie felt a certain 'ownership' of the stations when they eventually arrived - and yet derided their small scale. Maybe that's why he expected reverence from Jon Darby, a Canadian journalist at Trent when Hughie was questioned about the axing of Hughie's TV Show 'Opportunity Knocks'. When that was not forthcoming, and the Montreal-Toronto rivalry added to the mix, Hughie's anger flowed. This famous clip was aired in full in Tina Hill's Trent news bulletin at the time.