Fosseway Radio - Launch

Sep 08, 2012, 02:05 PM

Fosseway Radio in Hinckley was part of the Lincs FM Group, although its origins pre-dated the Lincs involvement.

Launched on November 1st 1998, the station broadcast to South West Leicestershire. Programmed at the outset by Paul Robey as almost a full time station at launch, like so many other stations its scale and the economic climate suggested the wisdom of later efficiencies.

Fosseway began broadcasting as Oak on March 26, 2008; and, in time, merged output with the Loughborough station from which it took its name and with which it co-habited.

Included in this opening sequence is probably the longest ever news item about the station itself. Hear Kirsty Ward reading the news into Kenny Hague's first Sunday morning show.