Peter Tait - Tribute (Trent/Aire)

Sep 15, 2012, 10:40 AM

He was a real, entertaining character. Off-air, funny and hugely likeable. Cited in Dale Winton's biography as the guy who gave Dale some of his first opportunities, after meeting at the White Hart in Willesdon. He - was Peter Tait. After a roadshow career, and then a United Biscuits Network presenter, then host of, variously, Drivetime and Breakfast at Trent in Nottingham, he was a real, loveable rogue.

I recall Dale and Peter winding each other up, as Peter, in his tight blue trousers and logoed sweat shirt, pinged open his black briefcase full of neatly-catalogued oldies, whilst eating a pack of Marks and Spencer sandwiches. Maybe the sin was that these two such different characters never hosted a show together, and that listeners never really quite got to hear the Peter Tait who entertained in the office. But, as his career went on, the closer his two personas became.

Peter left Trent abruptly, then jumping on-board Caroline, before embarking at Radio Aire in Leeds, and then its Magic AM service.

Sadly, his life of energy and fun was cut short all too soon. Peter died from a brain tumour in 2002, aged just 52.