Feb 11, 2010, 08:50 AM, Lambeth, Greater London, England
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jdelStrother - over 7 years ago

I still haven't figured out where google learnt about my link from - doesn't seem to be in my google profile. Linking it was semi-successful - it pulled in all the boos from the front page & posted them under my name. However, my connect site was listed as just ''. Presumably if your site was '' it would work better...


ColtSeavers - over 7 years ago

I presume it's because you have AudioBoo as a site noted in your google profile?
That's what i've just discovered. About to test also - was your's a success?

Matters to me because I don't intend to link Twitter to Buzz - since I view them as slightly distinct. I'll chat on buzz - and blurt on twitter.