Nick Grimshaw - Radio 1 Breakfast launch

Sep 24, 2012, 06:38 AM

Breakfast shows ebb and flow in their styles and successes. Just like choosing a partner, some work out and some don’t.

After Moyles enjoyed the longest ever reign on the Radio 1 breakfast show, it was always to be a tough act to follow. Time will tell. In the light of pressure on Radio 1 to realise a younger audience, and frankly likely because Radio 1 programme management quite sensibly wanted to keep the station where it needs to be if it is to retain its place in the market long-term, Nick Grimshaw was appointed to face the challenge. Utterly 'on brand', frankly.

On Monday September 24th 2012, he became the fifteenth breakfast show ‘act’ in the programme’s 45 years. Nick was known from his TV work on Channel 4, E4, BBC One, BBC Two and T4, and had been doing work for Radio 1 since 2005.