What's next for Octaver? A suggested roadmap for Week 2

Oct 07, 2012, 05:37 PM

A week ago Omaniblog@Audioboo kick started Audioboo's monthly-long festival of music, with a roadmap suggesting topics for the following seven days. With over 70 boos already carrying the word "Octaver" it seems to have had quite effect. Great recordings have been uploaded from various Audioboo-ers, and I think we're all learning a little more about each other, and ourselves.

When launching his roadmap Omaniblog suggested that future weeks should be signposted by other Audioboo users. Since, as far as I can see, nobody has raised their head above the parapet yet, I thought I'd propose the map for week 2. I am totally happy to be challenged on this, and if anybody else has a better idea lets go with it. But unless I hear otherwise, I'll start with the following tomorrow:

Week 2: The Circle of Life

Monday 8th October: Birth music What was at Number One in the charts when you were born? Do you like it? Does it say anything about you, or about the times you were born into?

Tuesday 9th October: Blowing your own trumpet Did you play an instrument as a child, or have you learned one as an adult? Do you just love the sound of the piano? Tell us a bit about the instrument you love, how it makes you feel, and how it has shaped the music you enjoy? Feature some music highlighting the instrument at its best, or perhaps its worst.

Wednesday 10th October: Cover Art-ists Ever latched onto a tune, only to discover it's a cover of something even more special? Do you follow an artist's work because their work is s coverable? What are your favourite covers? What is the secret to a great one? What should be covered next?

Thursday 11th October: Live and dangerous What are the greatest performances you've ever experience? Who are you dying to see again? A fan of live albums? Tell us about the best.

Friday 12th October: Turning Points At least one boo-er has commented on how music weaves a tapestry through one's life. This is no more true than at some of our most memorable milestones. What did you (or your then-fiance) walk down the aisle to? What music did you use for the first dance? What music did you like when your first child was born? What music reminds you of the people closest to you?

Saturday 13th October: Spirit and soul We all know music that truly speaks to our soul, whether a rousing hymn or a chilled-out classic. What music puts you at ease, resets the clock, or lessens the load? What music reassures you or ressurects your energy, ambition and drive? What makes you think of a higher-being or, if you prefer, the lack thereof?

Sunday 14th October: The final curtain How would you like to be remembered in music? What piece most sums up who you are or how others think of you? Have you left instructions on the music for your funeral, when the time comes? What does it say about you.

Obviously I hope that the above is felt to be a "sound" next step for Octaver, but I won't be offended if you don't! Omaniblog has put in place such sturdy foundations, it would be a shame to waste them - so let's make Octaver Week 2 as successful as the first week, whichever map we choose to use.

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