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Listen to Audio

audioBoom lets listen to our users and channel partners from all over the world through our apps and website

With approximately 100 hours of audio uploaded every day, there’s enough content here to keep the most demanding of users satisfied. audioBoom content is split up into different channels, allowing you to browse according to your tastes and interests. So apart from following friends, family, colleagues and your favourite celebrities, you can keep abreast of the latest developments in current affairs and news, follow charities whose work is close to your heart or listen to audio about your favourite sports.

With thousands of hours of content, including national and local radio, you can listen to audio from all over the world. Catch up on shows that you may have missed or listen to what your much-loved presenters and celebrities have to say. Journalists and stars can reach out to new audiences with audioBoom as not only are there over 700,000 active users, but all content can be shared over other social networks.

Businesses can use audioBoom as a platform to engage customers, using sound and voice clips created by them. Brands can shout about a launch, podcast live from an event, offer audio user guides or be even more creative, for example, a car manufacturer could quiz followers about which engine sounds the meanest.

It’s also possible to embed individual clips or entire feed onto your website, making them even more accessible to your audience. What’s more, if a standard three minute recording isn’t enough for your brand’s needs, upgrade to a Pro account. With a number of enhancements, including a tailored option for recording lengths, this may just be the new social network perfect for engaging customers. To find out more about Pro, contact us directly at