Social Network for Blind People

audioBoom has worked hard to help visually impaired and blind people share their voice and build a community through the site and apps

For the visually impaired, social media platforms can sometimes present a challenge. However, as audioBoom is an audio focused social network it is helping blind people to connect with others in a way that has not been possible before. audioBoom can also be used for audio blogging in a way traditional blog sites can’t.

Enabling certain functions on smartphones and tablets, such as voice over and screen reader, allows the audioBoom app to be easily used by people who are blind or have impaired sight. Creating, sharing and listening to audio content is straightforward and that’s why audioBoom is already the social network of choice for many blind people.

Kevin is blind and has been using audioBoom since September 2012. He says:

“audioBoom took me back to when I was a kid. As a little kid I recorded everything, I used to get into a lot of trouble. I used to love recording people, recording conversations, recording what it sounded like…. I began to find that there was a lot of really interesting people, a lot of them VI and blind, that were posting some really interesting content and my love for audioBoom basically grew and grew and grew."

“It’s amazing how you can start actually building up a community with people you’ve never even met before. You start to communicate with them, they like your posts or comment back on what I do and then I feel like actually someone is listening and they actually really like what I do. Which helps with my own self confidence because I’m a musician and I unfortunately always doubt my own ability and people are like ‘you’re really good’ and ‘keep it up’ and to hear that positive feedback from people has been amazing."

You can listen to Kevin talking to David Bailey about being blind and how they interact with audioBoom.