Terms of Use

  • We have changed them to make them more accessible and easier to read.
  • They now reflect our new subscription offering.
  • Users must now be over 18.
  • We’ve included more details about how you can open and delete your account and the effects of doing that. So that we can be more efficient with our resources, we’ve also included a right for us to delete any accounts that haven’t seen any activity for 36 months. You will be able to download your podcasts and redirect your RSS feeds before that time, of course and we recommend that you then back them up elsewhere.
  • We’ve been clearer about what listeners can do with the podcasts and our services to try to limit abuses.
  • We’ve clarified the limit of our liability to different types of users. Again, your advertising agreement trumps anything in the new Terms.

Privacy Policy

  • We’ve clarified that we currently don’t respond to “do not track” signals from web browsers.
  • We’ve also clarified what your rights are, particularly if you live in California.

Cookie Policy

We’ve introduced a new Cookie Policy. This details what cookies we use and for what purpose. It also lets you know how you can disable them.

Content Policy

We value your voice, but we also need restrain any abuses that could threaten our ability to provide our services and the freedom of expression it encourages. So, we’ve introduced a Content Policy. All podcasts that you upload, must comply with it.