Pubcast #109: Jumpers For Goalposts

This week’s Football Pubcast was brought to you in matching knitwear and high spirits as Mike & Jim failed to communicate on their wardrobe and Stuart Hoare said his goodbyes for 2012. It was almost a full house and the Pubcasters were in extremely high spirits as they discussed…
• Tony Dorigo and England’s foreign-borns
• Bradford upset Arsenal
• Rubbish London clubs
• Stuart sees the positive in QPR…
• Joleon Lescott’s banishment
• Crowd trouble in Manchester and Brentford
• Tom Cruise & Robert Duvall at the Etihad
• West Ham move to Springfield
• Darlington 1883 & FC Baku updates
• Stark bollocks Naked
• Hearts Babestation – identity revealed!
• England Player of the Year
• Euro 2020 – good or bad idea?
• Standing at football grounds
• Jay communicates in Morse code
• Chris Musampa
• Naughty boys of the week…lots of them…
• Naughty team of the week
• W***er of the week
• Melbourne Heart’s new third kit
• Much, much more!
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over 2 years ago, Canary Wharf, London, England