Pubcast 139: Invasion of the Killer Spurs Fans...

Aug 08, 2013, 09:11 AM, Canary Wharf, London, England

The boys descended upon Henry's this week with a new Pubcaster in their ranks. The good news is he's a knowledgeable, likeable chap who follows his team home and away. The bad news is he's another Spurs fan...don't let that put you off though!

Alex (he has a name) joined Mike, Dan, Andy and Jerome to have a look at the start of the new season in the Football League and Europe, discuss the incredibly boring transfer sagas that continue to roll on and marvel at Mario Balotelli's piano skills.

There was also time to marvel at the Heart's impressive pre-season form, a couple of naughty boys and a new adopted team! Definitely a show not to be missed, also listen out early next week for some Extra Time as Mike (and some real United fans) go to Wembley for the over-blown friendly at the weekend...

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