Love letter to my lost boyfriend

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A year after the French photographer Remi Ochlik was killed in Syria, his partner Emilie Blachere wrote a love letter to him. Here she reads out that message.
about 2 years ago

Dear Emilie, I was so sad when Remi died, I have children of almost the same age, twins and my son is actually a photographer. Therefore when Remi died, I remember reading about his death and feeling so sad about it. It is so stupid that in this wicked world young people like him lose their lives needlessly. Your tribute to him is so moving too, it is beautiful Emilie. I hope one day you will heal, that you will have a happy life. I pray that you and and Ochlik are reunited one day, keep on singing in the rain dear Emilie, one day the sun must come through. all my best wishes to you. Angela
AngelinaBallerina over 1 year ago
One of so many to die unnecessarily and unjustly. But one of the most moving pieces of broadcasting I have heard in a long time. Bon courage, Emilie.
Salut about 2 years ago
I hope her heart heals when its time to.
garypollard1066 about 2 years ago
That is beautiful
CheeChee_A_Nam about 2 years ago