Pubcast #128: Fight Night

Talk about your fiery shows, the Pubcasters were in a fighting mood on show #128 and took it out on each other. Jim vs. Dan, Jim vs. Andy, Jim vs. his own shadow…
But it was more than just a squabbly show as Stuart Hoare made his return to discuss QPR’s demise, Andy bemoaned Brentford’s woes and all the lads got excited about all the end of season fun…
• PFA Awards and Reginald D Hunter
• Deco fails a drug test
• Beckham sent off
• Dortmund reach the Champions League Final
• ITV cut off Jose
• Luis Suarez: The Pizza
• Mad Russian Linesmen
• Carra joins Sky and G-Nev pays the Bury players
• Relegation and Promotion chat throughout the leagues
• Melbourne Heart reject buy out
• And a load more s***e
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over 2 years ago, Canary Wharf, Poplar, London