What's Apple up to? Why doesn't it sponsor good causes?

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almost 3 years ago, Tullagreen, Cork, Ireland

Booed some comments here: ;-)
fotobygreg almost 3 years ago
I think this is a slippery slope for education. I own an iPad and my daughter enjoys it, too. However, thinking long-term, once educational institutions "invest" Apple products they are also locking themselves in ... Which is, of course, Apple's intention.

There are other tablet devices on the market. There are tablet devices available that are actually better then the iPad. And. There are tablet devices run on open source software that won't lock institutions to a particular company for everything.

I will respond with a boo about this later today. But, in my mind, choosing Apple is choosing to bind yourself to them for hardware, software, and everything in between.

That, indeed, is a slippery slope for anyone, especially schools who are struggling with budgets already.
fotobygreg almost 3 years ago