Of MS Dhoni’s helicopter shots, of Virat Kohli’s screaming cover drives, of Rohit Sharma’s effortless sixes, of Ravichandran Ashwin’s carom ball, of Ravindra Jadeja’s chutzpah, of Jasprit Bumrah’s once-in-a-lifetime brilliance…

Hello, hello and hello… welcome to the brand new cricket podcast Hotspot, where we will be discussing all things Indian cricket. Whether it is about team selection, or how the cricketers are faring on the field, to some topics off the field… we have got you covered. And as we go along in our journey, with your support we hope to expand the topic of discussion to world cricket as well.

First things first, WE here are two cricket lovers.

Sports journalist and broadcaster Chetan Narula, known on Twitter as the guy who doesn’t like to talk about rain forecasts… but ask him anything else, and he is game to talk cricket!

And, co-host of this podcast is former Indian wicket keeper and batsman, and now broadcaster Deep Dasgupta…

A very warm hello to our listeners!