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The UK’s longest running all women podcasters, Est. 2011: Irreverent & uncensored interviews, life stories, conversations & debate.


"Pirate Radio for Vogue Readers" Zoe Williams Guardian Journalist

Shirley Conran, Author: “Thanks for the terrific interview, there is no reason to write my autobiography any more!”

”Such fun – like Woman’s Hour’s naughty little sister” Sam Taylor – The Lady

“It’s fantastic to have a radio show for women BY women. Not that Radio Gorgeous is worthy or box-ticking. It’s funny, frantic, smart; often profound and just occasionally filthy.” Liz Hoggard – Journalist

“Being Interviewed by Radio Gorgeous is a fabulous experience…I loved every minute. Not only because the gorgeous Josephine herself has actually read the book so the conversation just flows. But what a great idea it is to preserve women’s voices in the 21st century. This is what we thought in 2012 and this is how we said it. What will my grandchildren think?” Anne Sebba – Author

“Thank you so much for interviewing me. You were very sympathetic and intelligent! I really enjoyed the experience.”Elisa Segrave, Author

“Radio Gorgeous is such a clever idea and done so well. -Josephine is a dream interviewer” Lindsey Bareham, Food Writer and Cook

“Radio Gorgeous has the best interviews, with the most interesting women, doing the most courageous things – right now. You can’t afford not to listen.” Rachel Kelly Writer and Journalist

‘Radio Gorgeous is absolutely fantastic!” – Jacqueline Rogers CEO The Athena Network

‘I had a marvellous time with Josephine and Donna, they made me feel so welcome and relaxed. I felt so happy as I went home. Soul happy!’ Margi Ross

“I had an excellent response from the craniosacral podcast. I have several new clients who are noticing the difference in their lives already! Thank you so much and keep up the good work!” Lulu Ferrand RCST

“Love, love, love Radio Gorgeous, packed full of entertainment, culture and just great place to hang-out. Tune in!” – Deborah Garlick CEO of

’I think what she is doing is absolutely amazing, I just love the radio show” Michael from Wellbeing Business Centre London W1

“What a great line up of podcasts- all women’s issues covered on @Radio_Gorgeous !!” Penny Hancock – Author

“Easy to chat with and fun company, anyone who is asked should get themselves in front of Josephine’s microphone at Radio Gorgeous” Melissa Cole – Beer expert

“I love hearing the chitter chatter of women’s voices while I listen to Radio Gorgeous in the morning, while my son is at nursery and I’m working. It makes me feel like I’ve got friends in the room. And the discussions are so interesting!” Lisa Devaney – Author

“There is something for everyone on @Radio_Gorgeous it’s fun, edgy and sometimes quite controversial!” @SusanCoweMiller Therapist

“Josephine, you are really good at this and ask such interesting questions” Ian Kelly Biographer of Vivienne Westwood

“I can’t tell you how much I loved being a guest on Literary Lusts. Thank you Josephine for your excellent research and questions, and for making me feel so relaxed that I could chat about my book without sounding like a nervous newbie author. Hooray for Radio Gorgeous – you are such inspiring women!” Juliet West – Author

”Gorgeous Gossip is laugh out loud in the kitchen radio!” Sarah Jewellery designer London.

“There is something for everyone on @Radio_Gorgeous it’s fun, edgy and sometimes quite controversial!” Susan Cowe Miller Therapist " Hampshire