Fun With Fritz
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The strange adventures of surprising people, in this world and other worlds.

Fun With Fritz

Fun With Fritz
TV & Film
30 episodes
High Adventure with Down 'N' Out Characters
  1. Vs The Dragon Part 1: The Summoner Will Be Eaten By The Dragon
  2. Vs the Dragon Part 2: You Said You Were Going to Give Me a Back Massage then Stabbed Me in the Back
  3. Group Adventure! - Fun With Fritz ep07 - by Fritz Donnelly
  4. Group Adventure 2 - then A Trip to Rock-Rock Rockaway Beach - Fun With Fritz ep08 - by Fritz Donnelly
Pretend Time With Keats (3 years old)
  1. Playing with Keats: Lou and Frank The Mechanics Game
  2. Play W Keats : Trains Underwater and Superheros and more!
Public Performance Art: Looping etc
  1. Looping A New Form of Performance Art ! Reactions at Tompkins Square Park
  2. Looping: The New Performance Art Phenomenon of New York City - Fun With Fritz ep10 - by Fritz Donnelly
The Adventurers Go Forth!!
  1. The Adventure Life! Hear about Florsheim de Bogglebeard and the Adventure in the Castle (#7 in roleplay story)
  2. Into the Castle - Fun With Fritz ep11 (#6 in role play story)- by Fritz Donnelly
  3. Woman's Castle - Fun with Fritz ep05 - by Fritz Donnelly
  4. Daggers Fly - Fun With Fritz ep04 - by Fritz Donnelly

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