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The Ref Online is a unique media channel supporting everyone affected by the sport of football. We are here to offer an informed voice to all match officials across the world and provide unprecedented insight into the key decisions that challenge the sport, in the local park or on the game’s biggest stage.

We want referees, fans, parents, players, clubs and the media to join in the big conversation that we have now started. This is about understanding. For us we want to play our part in seeing referees develop and their skills grow leading to performances that enhance the world game.

Our role is to supplement the standard programmes offered by national federations and provide unrivalled analysis, education and insight to colleagues seeking to achieve the standards they set for themselves.

We are not constrained by the politics of national referee administration and as the truly independent commentator on all match official issues we can observe openly on all aspects of the game, with authority.

At our very core is education. All our insight, all our analysis is about improving understanding and standards.

We are delighted to offer you the services of the hugely experienced The Ref Online team and look forward to hearing from you. The big conversation has just begun.