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Feel good every Tuesday evening from 7pm on Stray FM, DAB and online. Featuring the Weekly Wellbeing with BMI The Duchy Hospital Harrogate.

The Health & Wellbeing Show

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LFW Podiatry
  1. How beating cancer inspired a leading Ilkley business
  2. It's Foot Health Month - LFW Podiatry explains more about a podiatry appointment
Jon Conroy - Hip & knee specialist
  1. Sports related hip injuries with Hip and Knee Specialist Jon Conroy
  2. Local surgeon Jon Conroy celebrates his 100th robot-assisted operation
  3. A hip replacement - Michelle's patient journey
  4. Life-changing hip and knee surgery with Jon Conroy
Wellness Harrogate
  1. World of Wellness and Writing in Harrogate
  2. The Six Dimensions of Wellness
The Hearing Suite
  1. Advanced Technology at The Hearing Suite
  2. Micro-suction ear wax removal with the Hearing Suite
  3. Are cotton buds damaging your ears?
  4. Find out how the Hearing Suite was inspired by an 11-year-old girl
United Response
  1. Meet the team at United Response in Harrogate
Body Bootcamp with Body Sculpture Harrogate
  1. How to tackle that tummy - Body Bootcamp with Body Sculpture Harrogate
  2. Body Sculpture Harrogate - What, why and how?
Evolve Psychology
  1. Secondary school transitions - is my child struggling?
  2. Autism assessments at Evolve Psychology
Saxton Partners
  1. How are people like washing machines?
  2. Alastair Beacon and Sonia Saxton discuss the 8 day programs
  3. Nick Garthwaite is helped by Sonia Saxton
David Lloyd Club Harrogate
  1. Are you ready for Battlebox?
  2. Tennis club at David Lloyd Club Harrogate
  3. Walk to Work Day 2019 - Fitness Fix with David Lloyd Club Harrogate
  4. Children's swimming classes at David Lloyd Club Harrogate
Fitness Fix with David Lloyd Clubs Harrogate
  1. It's BBQ Time - Fitness Fix with David Lloyd Club Harrogate
  2. Compound Exercises - Fitness Fix with David Lloyd Club Harrogate
  3. Metal - Fitness Fix with David Lloyd Club Harrogate
  4. Tour de Yorkshire - Fitness Fix with David Lloyd Club Harrogate
The Weekly Wellbeing
  1. Dietary Fibre and Digestive Health - Weekly Wellbeing
  2. Dementia Action Week - Weekly Wellbeing
  3. Foods that can prevent sunburn - Weekly Wellbeing
  4. Walking for Health - Weekly Wellbeing
Aeon Aesthetics
  1. IV Nutritional therapy with Aeon Aesthetics
  2. What happens on an intravenous drip at Aeon Aesthetics?
Gabriel By Your Side
  1. Gabriel by your side
  2. International Day of Happiness with Gabriel By Your Side
  3. How important are your relationships? Gabriel By Your Side hosts Harrogate event.
Lear Fitness
  1. Pinc and Steel classes at LEAR Fitness
  2. Reformer Pilates
  3. Sugar Detox at LEAR Fitness
  4. Antenatal Pilates and Physio Yoga at LEAR Fitness
Heal Medical and Wellness Spa
  1. Comfort Zone at the Heal Medical and Wellness Spa
  2. The Hair Edition: Who is Kevin Murphy?
  3. What is a medical pedicure?
  4. Could your feet do with a little TLC?
Home Instead
  1. Could you work in care with Home Instead?
  2. Carers Week 2019 with Home Instead Senior Care
  3. Activity cafe supporting those living with dementia
  4. Home Instead CAREGiver prepares to run the London Marathon!
Ikoustic Sound Proofing
  1. Do gyms have to be noisy places?
  2. How to have a happier (or quieter...) Christmas
  3. Most loved vs most hated sounds ever
  4. Design vs Practicality
Graham Whitehead Health
  1. Hit Your Fitness Goals With These Five Areas
  2. Is Your Posture Affecting Your Health?
Golden Paste Company
  1. Countryside Live 2017 with the Golden Paste Company
  2. It's turmeric time the Nidderdale Show!
  3. Fresh is best: DIY Golden Paste
  4. What could these turmeric capsules do for your health?
Brain Collective
  1. The Brain Collective helps young boy with Global Development Delay
  2. PTSD - Mental Health with The Brain Collective
  3. Men's Mental Health with the Brain Collective
  4. 8 year old Pollie Smith is helped by The Brain Collective

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