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Awesome, Fantastic, Brilliant, Mind Blowing, etc. are the words which are appreciative and can take your moral up when someone credible uses these words to appreciate you or your work. These appreciations keep our enthusiasm ticking for sure however how often you get to hear them? You are the most credible person in this world to say those words to yourself and to do that heart fully with consistency there are a few rituals we all need to follow, one of them is to consistently motivating yourself with positive words, stories and intentions that makes your insight refreshed. In this podcast series you get to listen to the stories, experiences and insights which motivated me and I am sure they should motivate you as well.

My name is Pramodh, I work in an MNC as a trainer and communication coach, I am extremely passionate about public speaking and I thoroughly enjoy speaking.

Like the body needs food, mind needs motivation consistently.

I have a strong intent to get the best motivating stories, messages and experience to my listeners which can positively impact their lives, thank you for tuning in and a very warm welcome to "Pramod's Podcast",motivating you, every week.

-Pramodh Nittur Somashekariah