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Superhighways offers advice, training and IT support to help small charities and community organisations across London be more effective, raise their profile and demonstrate their impact using digital technology.

Connecting communities at the grassroots.

Superhighways, Siddeley House, 50 Canbury Park Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 6LX

Asad's reflections of his work experience at Superhighways
  1. Impressing his new manager from day 1! (Asad's reflections part 6)
  2. It has opened my eyes to the charity world (Asad's reflections part 5)
  3. Being professional when talking to clients (Asad's reflections part 4)
  4. Gaining Office 365 MCSA professional qualification (Asad's reflections part 3)
Pride of Place - digital storytelling
  1. Kevin waiting for people
  2. Alma - has the second longest tenancy in Cambridge Gardens
  3. The King's Stone is on the move again
  4. All Saints Church
  1. Hat Parade part 2
  2. Sylvia- I can still feel the energy
  3. Poem about Tea
  4. More feedback on the event
Famillies apart
  1. Families Apart supports me and my children
  2. Families Apart - supporting prisoners' families
Get Online Week 2016
  1. This computer will help me learn and study
  2. I am going to practice my skills for work and employment
  3. I need this computer for my children
  4. I will be more in touch with the world
Impact Aloud 2016
  1. What small charities can take from big companies
  2. Tailored data advice can help small charities
  3. It's not always about what's new in the tech world that works
  4. Connecting the crowd at Impact Aloud 2016
Community Connected
  1. Albert
  2. I am looking forward to next week
  3. Kevin waiting for people
Pride Of Place
  1. All Saints Church
  2. The King's Stone is on the move again
  3. Alma - has the second longest tenancy in Cambridge Gardens
Impact Aloud
  1. Tim Wilson full interview
  2. Emina Demiri full interview
  3. Harriet Pearce Willis full interview
  4. Jude Habib full interview
Helping local carers get online
  1. Tuesday training
  2. Why I am here
  3. Robert
  4. Andriana