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You found me... Welcome to my audio world! This is where I post audio on what I'm up to at the time the recorder is on: Opinions, Soundscapes I like, People I'm with, my travels I go on from time to time. You never know, you might find some of my posts interesting and even feel like leaving a comment on anything you have heard. I host a separate podcast called To The Tune Of Pianos Presents which highlights part of my life as a piano tuner.


Personal Journals
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octaver14 by Vipodcasting
  1. #Octaver14 Day 18 Instrumentals, Vocalists, Voices? No preferences here, I like them all! Join me for a lazy half hour of great songs on a Sunday!
  2. #Octaver14 Day 17 Acoustic or Electric? Really enjoying the unplugged renascence we have been enjoying in popular music in recent years but, what is my preference? Listen in to find out!
  3. #Octaver14 Day 16 First and last albums I purchased... As you have come to expect, I had to share more than one! :)
  4. #Octaver14 Day 15 Six tracks from the genre of the songbook of Paul :)
#SaturdaySundaySong: Join in with your original or cover each weekend and it will be featured here. Happy Singing! :)
  1. this is a song which, when you've been through a hard time, makes you realise that it is still possible to feel God's forgiveness
  2. cover of hide and seek by Howard Jones
  3. no-one is to blame - a cover by yours truely.
  4. enjoy this rendition of a taylor swift song. vocals and keyboards by @clairerandall, drums by me
Ushers Paws Four Thought
  1. 2013_10_23 Usher Settling in very well, First Walking route, indents and outdents, Discipline fun in the supermarket
  2. 2013_10_22 Usher and His first night with me at my House @guidedogs
  3. 2013_10_21 Its Usher Eve... One more sleep till I start training with my first Guide Dog

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