The Drive Home with Dave Howard

Meet Dave

When you wake up, are you a person who can’t wait to get to work?

Dave says there’s nothing like knowing you’re Livin’ your Dream!!

He reckons if you love the job like he does, every day is like being on one big party holiday, and he wouldn’t be dead for quids!

Dave grew up in Flinders park in South Australia, he went to Underdale High School and played Australian Rules Football (1st Ruck) for the Flinders Park Football Club (and won the Best and Fairest).

Besides Daveon-air work at Mix, he’s also the Program Manager which means he’s the one responsible for what you hear on Mix. Dave’s been involved in the Australian radio industry for (ahhh a very long time). He has tasted just about every aspect of the radio industry ‘on and off the air’, even to the point of radio station management.

We asked Dave what he likes the most about working at Mix 104.9? I love music, I love my Job, and to me, Mix is what the Northern Territory is all about!! I worked and lived here in the 90’s, and I love this cities heritage!

Some people go to Church to find peace, I find I’m at peace when I’m involved with great radio! What’s not to love about going to a workplace that blows you away every day??

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