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CIP Stories is a podcast focused on teaching and learning through sharing stories of dependency court system improvement and reform by illuminating the collaboration among Court Improvement Program coordinators, directors, judges, justices, lawyers, children, families, child welfare professionals and other community partners at the national, state and local levels. 
For more than 25 years, the CIP has been a catalyst for changing the nation’s dependency courts and improving the safety, permanency, and well-being outcomes for the families and children involved with juvenile courts and child welfare agencies. William “Bill” DeLisio is the host and Mike Jacob is the sound engineer, together they partner with the National Center for State Courts to produce the CIP Stories Podcast. To hear the history and origin of the CIP, listen to the CIP Stories interview with Mark Hardin from the 2019 National Leadership Summit IV on Child Welfare.
Podcast Host
William “Bill” DeLisio, MSLS, BSAS, Family Law Programs Manager at Colorado’s State Court Administrator’s Office has twenty years of experience as a judicial administrator and court program manager at the local and state level. Bill is responsible for leading child and family initiatives, building teams, catalyzing new way of thinking, and improving the administration of justice through collaboration. Prior to joining the State Court Administrator’s Office, Bill worked in Colorado’s Seventeenth Judicial District from December 1999 – August 2005 as Domestic Relation Case Manager, Juvenile Family Court Facilitator, and Juvenile Court Programs Manager. Bill has been producing an internal podcast for the Colorado Judicial Branch since 2018 and has released 30 episodes as of March 2020. 

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