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The Magic of the FA Cup
  1. The Magic of the FA Cup: Sixth Round
  2. The Magic of the FA Cup: Fifth Round
  3. The Magic of the FA Cup: Fourth Round
  4. The Magic of the FA Cup: Third Round
A Story of Wales
  1. Wales in the 21st century and their unprecedented success
  2. Wales in the 1980s and 90s: two decades of frustration
  3. Wales at the 1958 World Cup and the glory and pain of the 1970s
The Final Word
  1. The Final Word: The 2005 Champions League final
  2. The Final Word: 1970 World Cup final
  3. The Final Word: The 1974 FA Cup final
  4. The Final Word: The 1998 World Cup final
The Mount Rushmore Selection
  1. The Mount Rushmore Selection: Scotland
  2. The Mount Rushmore Selection: Crystal Palace
  3. The Mount Rushmore Selection: Manchester United
  4. The Mount Rushmore Selection: Brighton & Hove Albion
Scotland at International Tournaments
  1. Scotland at Euro 96 and the 1998 World Cup, and 20 years of frustration that followed
  2. Scotland at the 1990 World Cup and Euro 1992
  3. The ecstasy and agony of Scotland at the 1982 and 1986 World Cups
  4. Scotland's iconic teams at the 1974 and 1978 World Cups
The South America Files
  1. The South America Files: Rio de Janeiro
  2. The South America Files: Porto Alegre
  3. The South America Files: Montevideo
  4. The South America Files: Lima
End of an Era
  1. Manchester United post-Ferguson: from 13 titles in 20 years to none in eight
  2. The story of Rangers post-liquidation
  3. The legend of Pro Vercelli and their fall from grace
  4. The decline of Liverpool post-1990, with Jeff Goulding
The Magazine Series
  1. Colombian football past and present: exploring the highs and lows
  2. The life, career and legacy of Johan Cruyff
  3. The greatest forwards in African football history
  4. Adidas in football: the faces, stories, highs, lows, boots, balls and kits
The Beautifully Designed Game
  1. The Beautifully Designed Game with Mark Johnson
  2. The Beautifully Designed Game with Mary Axon-Smith
  3. The Beautifully Designed Game with Dave Will
  4. The Beautifully Designed Game with Yoni Weinberg
Today's Football Times
  1. Foxes never quit? A Leicester City special
  2. Maguire's demise, Scotland's League Two and England's National League
  3. The Crazy Gang and the Culture Commentator
  4. Potter, Valencia, Newcastle goalies and UEFA blaming UEFA
The World Cup Series
  1. The World Cup Series: 2010 and 2014
  2. The World Cup Series: 2002 and 2006
  3. The World Cup Series: 1994 and 1998
  4. The World Cup Series: 1986 and 1990
The European Championship Series
  1. The story of Euro 2012 and 2016: Spain's zenith, Portugal's fortune and bloated tournaments
  2. Euro 2004 and 2008: the shock of Greece and the splendour of Spain
  3. The story of Euro 96 and Euro 2000, and new peaks for the tournament
  4. Euro 88 and Euro 92: from Dutch peaks and Soviet genius to Denmark's improbable glory
The Coach's Forum
  1. Elite coach and player development from the UK to Mexico, with Jess Ibrom
  2. Part 2: Mike Keeney discusses coaching abroad, club and national team dynamics and more
  3. Mike Keeney discusses coaching abroad, club and national team dynamics and more
  4. How to identify talent and the use of statistics
Political Football
  1. The commercialisation of USA 94 that set a future blueprint
  2. The political undercurrent that cut through the 2006 World Cup's friendly facade
  3. The deception and dodgy deals of Russia's awarding of the 2018 World Cup
  4. The murky waters of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar
My Side
  1. The story of Flamengo 1980/81: Zico, Coutinho and the intercontinental kings
  2. The glory and the failure of a brilliant Netherlands in 1974
  3. My Side: in celebration of Newcastle's swashbuckling 1995/96 vintage
  4. My Side: how Ajax's class of '73, led by Cruyff, completed a hat-trick of European Cups