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There’s too much noise in the tech world, so we’re here to cut through it. Cancel that noise. Wait, there’s a catchy name in there somewhere…

We’re here to mix tech geekery with podcast entertainment - sitting somewhere between ‘Ha - I never knew that about Apple’ and ‘Come on guys, try and be a little bit cool’, we’re here to entertain the tech fans of this world, and inform those who are just about to possibly, maybe buy that new TV.

Presented by the Editors in Chief of top tech sites TechRadar, Laptop Mag and Tom's Guide (with a host of other great tech-smart guests), we'll give you the inside scoop on what really happens in the tech world. So if you've ever used an iPhone, got angry at a laptop or wondered if your headphones are really as good as you thought, download Noise Cancelling releasing every Friday, and enjoy poor attempts at wit from people who should know a lot better.

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Noise Cancelling

Noise Cancelling
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