Theatre Theater

Theatre Theater

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Three Los Angeles based theatre makers dissect, debate and disseminate the works of the great Playwright's.

Each week we will focus on a different playwright and discuss their works as well as their cultural impact and their context in our own personal lives. Also we'll spotlight the beautifully burgeoning LA Theatre Scene as it grows into the new home for experimental theatre makers.

Always interesting and never too serious these three friends may just convince you to like reading plays again.

Cj Merriman - Sacred Fools Theatre Company

Scott Leggett - Sacred Fools Theatre Company

J. Bailey Burcham - Pasadena Playhouse, Sacred Fools

Music by Ryan Thomas Johnson

Produced and Edited by Scott Leggett

Social Media by J. Bailey Burcham

Special thanks to Sacred Fools Theatre Company, Pasadena Playhouse, Audioboom, and The Broadwater Plunge in Hollywood.