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Three Los Angeles based theatre makers dissect, debate and disseminate works of the great Playwrights as well as anything and everything of, or related to, the art of Theatre. 

Main Feed: 
Each week the nerds get together and discuss  3 plays by a specific playwright as well as their cultural impact and context in the hosts' own personal lives. Also they spotlight the beautifully burgeoning LA Theatre Scene as it grows into the new home for experimental theatre makers.

Bonus Series:
 Between each Playwright a bonus series called Theatre Theater 'N Stuff! provides a break from play reading. The nerds get to choose a theatre adjacent topic for discussion. 

Always interesting, sometimes vulgar and never too serious these three friends may just convince you to like reading plays again.

Cj Merriman - Sacred Fools Theatre Company

Scott Leggett - Sacred Fools Theatre Company

J. Bailey Burcham - Pasadena Playhouse, Sacred Fools

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