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Football Uncovered by SPORF, with Sporting Intelligence's Nick Harris will peel back the curtain on the business of football. 

We bring to life true tales of the most weird and wonderful football owners in football history, that will have fans of all clubs scratching their heads as to how some of this was even possible!

Sporting Intelligence's Nick Harris says;

"English football has long felt like a soap opera. But in the "monied" Premier League era, the episodes of farce - involving a global cast of characters - have become ever more frequent and ever more bizarre."

"Working as an investigative sports reporter for 25 years, I've followed
lots of these stories from the inside, from Blackburn and Leeds to
Liverpool, Portsmouth and many points in between."

"Now, with the Football Uncovered podcast series with SPORF, we delve deeper into them, recalling the simply odd, to the barely believable."
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Football Uncovered

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