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The Nerve is back, and better than before. After a short 8 week break, 2 years later we have decided to come back to give you more top quality audio pleasure. 

The wonderful people at Here We Aren't studio's have joined us and are sponsoring the podcast. They have provided us an amazing studio with a fantastic production team which means we now post a full video version of the podcast on the Here We Aren't YouTube channel, all links below. The studio looks amazing, check it out....But also make sure to listen here....

The Nerve is no longer 2 idiots trying to not die of boredom during an enforced and possibly politically motivated lockdown, instead; Ethan, Will, Beardy (yup), and sometimes lil Matty sit and chat with other bands, artists and friends to bring you what is possibly only slightly better content than before. But hey, we're having fun right?

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