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After combat duty in Vietnam, I was CEO in aerospace for 15 years.
As the “boss”, I saw that if I didn't have Fire & Vision in me, our Team could never Thrive. 

So the market kept changing under our feet… 
the competitors innovated & we didn't. 
They adapted & we didn't. 

We lost some best Players who wanted a more satisfying career. 

And I wanted a more satisfying career!
So I had to leave…  

And very cool, I sold the company to the Employees --A true Win for us all.

THEY became the Owners---not me! 
They became the Tribe getting better... 
They found their balance & figured things out. 
Not me!

And Why did it work? 
Because I made it okay for me to leave.

Because I made it okay for them to leave.
I made it okay for these Good People to see me hurting-- to see me not knowing all the answers. 

They knew I cared & respected them as the good People they are. They saw me caring about their need for inspiring work.

It was amazing & deeply satisfying.
So now---Let me Ask You: since the years pass so quickly---
>>>What is your soul asking of you?

>>>What are you longing to do with your years ahead?
>>>Where are you struggling? How burned out are you?
>>>How's your Life Vitality & Sense of Purpose now?
         And --- When do you plan to Leave?
This is what LeadersOnFire.net is about...
A Tribe of Leaders who either Learn to Love Our Work---  Or We Leave.
My promise to you?
Join our Tribe & you'll Thank Me or 

I'll give you all your money back that day. 
No Questions Asked.

Forrest Arnold  CEO  LeadersOnFire.net
Let's do a Zoom call---Yes?

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