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Welcome to Exploring Research Careers Podcast where we explore careers and personal histories of people working in research today. This podcast which is targeted at those interested in research careers explores in detail the career trajectories of people actively working as researchers or those who work supporting researchers.

We explore the transition from finishing education into professional roles, whether these transitions were designed or accidental. We explore the skills that were developed and how those interviewed perceived their journey, development, and successes. We also look at the lessons learned, things they might do differently and things that surprised them along the way. 

Each podcast also focuses on a particular area of expertise or insight such as “imposter syndrome”, “intersectoral mobility”, “emotional journey of applying for prestigious grants”, working in “industrial research and development” to name a few. 

The podcast offers advice to those considering a research career at undergrad or postgrad level and career development advice to those already on the academic/researcher pathways