Murder Time
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From the Crime Stories control room, the MURDER TIME podcast series shares stories of high-profile murder.  Betsy Winchester hosts each episode, illuminating story points and introducing interviews from the the Crime Stories vault.  These interviews include the victim’s family members, investigating detectives, forensic specialists and criminal prosecutors.  
From the reporting of a murder, to the twists and turns of the investigation, to the incarceration of the perpetrator, each MURDER TIME presents a gripping story – and a unique listening experience.


Narrator: Betsy Winchester for Partners in Motion 
Writer: Simon Dekker for Partners in Motion
Musical Director:  Fred Vogels for Partners in Motion
Creative Producer: Simon Dekker for Partners in Motion
Technical Producer: Joseph P. Watts for Partners in Motion
Supervising Producer: Robert Laughlin for Distribution 360 Inc
Executive Producer:  Ron Goetz for Partners in Motion