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 Deadly Disasters is a new podcast adapted from the acclaimed television series Disasters of the Century. From acts of God, to unavoidable accidents, to catastrophes caused by human error, Deadly Disasters immerses listeners in the sounds and stories of some of the most tragic disasters in modern history.

Produced and Engineered in Dolby Atmos, Deadly Disasters' immersive sound-design brings history's worst disasters to vivid life in never-before-heard ways. Ever wonder what it would sound like to be on a plane as it crashes into the Atlantic, or under an avalanche as it tears through the Rocky Mountains, or in a packed nightclub as it's engulfed in flames? Over six half-hour episodes, Deadly Disasters plunges listeners into the middle of the action, as though they were there as the tragedies took place.

Hosted by Survivorman Les Stroud, and told through eye-witness interviews, expert testimonials, and meticulous historical research, Deadly Disasters opens an ear to the past like no one has done before.

Host: Les Stroud
Producers: Ajeeth Parkal & Miklos Perlus for Storrios
Supervising Producer: Robert Laughlin for Distribution 360 Inc
Executive Producer:  Ron Goetz for Partners in Motion