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It’s 2022, and there’s never been a better time to talk about what sport can teach us. 

The words of Nelson Mandela - Sport Has the Power to Change the World - are still as relevant now as they were in his day. 

Join Matthew Williams - your host for the ‘Confidence is Contagious’ podcast - as he speaks to some of the most remarkable people he's met on his journey, having been involved in international and professional sport. 

In each episode we’ll talk about their lessons, motivations, values and drive. Each one of them has an unbelievable understanding of sport – and one thing that unites them all is a love for sport no matter the level. 

So why does sport have the power to change the world? Why is sport vital in children’s development? How can sport unite us and give us fundamental life skills? 

Confidence Is Contagious

Confidence Is Contagious
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