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Dive into the darkest corners of the human mind with "Bang to Rights", a gripping true crime podcast hosted by renowned psychologist, Emma Kenny. This riveting series uncovers shocking crimes and extraordinary tales of justice from around the globe.
Each week, Emma uses her expert insights to unravel the mystery and psychology behind some of the most infamous crimes in history. She dissects real-life cases ranging from unsolved mysteries to notorious criminal profiles, exploring the motives, methods, and mindsets that drive these shocking acts.
With "Bang to Rights", you'll experience a journey through captivating narratives, and expert analyses that bring you closer to the world of true crime than ever before. If you're fascinated by crime scenes, forensic evidence, criminal psychology, and stories of justice served, this podcast is a must-listen.
Don't miss out on the latest episodes of "Bang to Rights" for deep dives into true crime stories that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Subscribe now and become a part of our true crime community.

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