Destination Next powered by STYRKR

Welcome to destination next, a monthly podcast hosted by Chris Hall and brought to you by STYRKR.

This podcast will serve as a platform to share the highs and lows of those at the forefront of endurance sports.
We celebrate stories from across the globe of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Personal missions are achieved without global recognition or glory—feats of suffering without the fanfare.

STYRKR is committed to giving everyday athletes and professionals the strength to go further.

We understand we are one small part of an athlete’s arsenal. Going beyond your limits is a test of mind, body, and soul. Let’s celebrate the suffering alongside some trusted experts.

It’s not all about the numbers. We do the things we do because we’re drawn, impassioned and relentless, to the culture it immerses us in.

Let’s unearth the wonderment.

Amateur athletes aren’t that amateur anymore. We want to go faster and further and we have the technology and the desire to help us do it.  We have everything at our disposal to redefine our limits and reach our next goal.

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Our journey starts here.