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An occasional podcast where Irish Whiskey drinkers share their favorite Irish Whiskey dram.

Fáilte. My name is Andrew Healy and I’m a lover and drinker of Irish Whiskey. I’m on a journey of discovery to learn as much as I can about the great spirit of The Emerald Isle

Along that journey I’m lucky enough to meet other people who are passionate about Irish Whiskey and the “My Favo(u)rite Irish…” podcast…is their story, and their favo(u)rite Irish Whiskey. Whether that’s their current favo(u)rite, their first ever dram, or one that has a special place in their life .”

Find out more about me and my Irish Whiskey work and watch the "My Favo(u)rite Irish..." Video series on YouTube here. 

My Favo(u)rite Irish Whiskey

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