Let’s Talk Macro
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Bandhan Mutual Fund is focused on helping savers become investors and create wealth. The organization has always striven to empower everyday investors, as well as India’s financial ecosystem, through initiatives that simplify financial knowledge, helping create wealth and value through investments. 

Continuing the tradition of initiatives and campaigns that motivate, guide, and educate Indians about financial wisdom, we bring you Let’s Talk Macro – a podcast series to demystify relevant macroeconomics – global & domestic, important & topical, data, concepts, inferences & implications.

We reached out to the average Indian investor through our successful short films like Bachat Nivesh Badhat, One Idiot, and Return of One Idiot to educate the public about the importance of savings and long-term investments for financial growth and security. Our landmark campaigns like #DateyRaho and #PaisonKoRokoMat have educated millions successfully about the power of investing.