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Anthony Scaramucci and Sam Bankman-Fried were the unlikeliest of business partners. “The Mooch” is a nearly sixty-year-old son of a Long Island crane operator who sprung from Harvard Law to fight his way up the ranks of traditional financewith an infamous eleven-day stint in the White House along the way. “SBF” is a newly-thirty-year-old son of two law professors raised on an elite campus who aimed to revolutionize all that people like the Mooch represented and he’d already become a multi-billionaire on the way.But partner they did –on a series of conferences and with SBF closing a deal that could have led to his owning the Mooch’s Skybridge Partners outright -but they became something more than that and before the story ends with SBF in handcuffs, their friendship would take them everywhere from the Bahamas to Riyadh –with rumors of polycules, plentiful cups of noodles, and the Mooch toting a bag of suits he bought SBF out of instance that he could not meet the rules of Saudi Arabia in a worn out t-shirt and dirty white socks.