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Hello Fellow Humans! Have you ever caught yourself holding your breath? Have you found yourself questioning the instructions that society has given you? Have you gone looking for something but realized you didn’t have a map? Us, too. Welcome to Uncharted Living! Your hosts, Christine, Rebekah and Thai, are business owners, corporate leaders and life coaches. We invite you to explore the uncharted waters of life with us by staying curious and sharing tools for living well. This is the podcast for when you crave a deep exhale. 

Join us each week for authentic, thought-provoking, and entertaining conversations. We’ll discuss a variety of topics from personal wellness and professional growth, to creativity and spirituality, all designed to help you create your own map for your life. We are excited to partner with you on your uncharted journey. 

Listen to Uncharted Living each week and find us on Instagram and TikTok: @unchartedlivingpodcast

Uncharted Living is a Healing Offering Production

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