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This is My Platform, Metro.co.uk’s new podcast, where we speak to the authors of some of our first-person and opinion section’s most-read articles of the past few years. 

My Platform is all about drawing attention to underheard and underrepresented voices in the media, with guests talking about issues close to their heart. 

Hosted by me, Jess Austin. I edit the section of the Metro that all our lovely guests submitted their pieces to. As well as being among the most popular articles, they’re also some of my absolute favourites, and I can’t wait to speak to the authors more about what inspired them, unhindered by a pesky word count! 

In this series, we’ll be having thought-provoking discussions about issues like the pension gap, pretty privilege and the problematic side of fake tanning. We’ll also be shining a light on people’s lived experience, covering adoption, HIV diagnoses and finding love after loss.

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