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Welcome to 'The Case Against Kouri Richins,' your in-depth source for understanding the harrowing and complex tale surrounding the alleged 'Moscow Mule Killer.' This podcast dives into the labyrinth of legal, personal, and psychological elements of a case that has gripped the nation. Each episode, we meticulously unravel the chilling series of events, from the alleged poisoning attempts to the assault on a family member, from the mystery of multiple life insurance policies to the surprising discovery of a changed will. Through interviews, legal documents, and expert commentary, we shed light on the tragedy that befell the Richins family, attempting to answer the crucial question – is Kouri Richins truly guilty? Tune in as we delve into the darkness of deception, betrayal, and murder. 'The Case Against Kouri Richins' – where truth is stranger than fiction

The Case Against Kouri Richins

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