"The Wanderings of Oisin" by WB Yeats for @ajleon - 3 poems

Oct 14, 2012, 01:12 PM, Poulacurry South, Cork, Ireland

"The Wanderings of Oisin" by #yeats the Irish poet (1889) was written the year after he wrote his most famous "The Lake Isle of Innisfree". The same year he met Oscar Wilde. The poem is Yeats's working of the Middle Irish dialogues of Saint Patrick & Oisin (son of Finn MacCool, leader of the Fianna, and Saeve of the Sidhe) This recording is the first in a mini-series which intends to read the whole long poem in a collection of bits (all hashtagged #wanderingoisin ) It is part of a much bigger project which intends to read 1,080 poems in supportive celebration of #ajleon 's "Round the World in 1,080 Days" #pursuitofeverything This Boo counts as 3 poems.

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