Nambu Boo - native Mac client for Twitter/Trac and more....but...

Apr 25, 2009, 09:24 AM
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ColtSeavers - over 8 years ago

I should update this since, having used Nambu and liking it alot, there is one MAJOR issue with it.
It crashes ALL the time. Not ideal for an Instant Message client really, at the moment, until they stabilise it, I would prefer to refer to it as a Maybe Message client.


ColtSeavers - over 8 years ago

Well, I use it for iphone twittering......i didn;t want to pay for a client till i'd found the one i liked. Tweetie implies the free version is ad filled - but i've just installed it and it' far as i can see. It's very nice indeed 8) Thanks for the reminder !


apt - over 8 years ago

Going to give Nambu a try....You tried Tweetie for Mac yet? (


artpunk - over 8 years ago

'Only 2 Gig, never thought I'd say that' LOL! Yes, I remember buying a 20MB add on for my Amiga for roughly the price of a small car way back when...(OK I might be exaggerating a wee but, but not much!) Thanks for the tip, will check nambu out! I hope the Weather cleared for you...


philcampbell - over 8 years ago

it has neat features sure, but i'm not sold that any one client will always be in the lead. it's what you get familiar with and what your entry point into twitter is. i like tweetdeck because of the guy behind it and his dedication to it, i like tweetie because of the core effects and the smart way they intergrated multiple accounts. i'm just about to have a look at statuzer. ;)