MoshiMonsters - the drama to beat all dramas - meeting Michael Acton Smith #websummit

Oct 18, 2012, 03:54 PM, Pembroke East, Dublin, Ireland

Before leaving Cork, my daughter sent me to #Websummit to meet Mr Moshi #michaelactonsmith - he proved to be every bit as lovely as everyone said he was. This is a live recording of our meeting on the balcony overlooking the Main Hall - surrounded by loads of people wanting to speak with & film him @acton. #websummitdiary #websummit #generosity Special thanks are voiced to the great PR woman who said "Go for it". You hear founder Michael speak best wishes to two daughters: #AnnaScally #KPMG 'd daughter whose name I couldn't remember + my daughter Grace (popularly known as #omanidot on @audioboo ). Later in the day, I met Michael again - after he'd come off stage - we had a few more minutes chat which were not recorded. As a parent who was sent on a mission - I could hold my head up high when I got back home.

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