In Octaver

Nov 01, 2012, 12:55 AM

A silly song in celebration of Octaver Featuring additional vocals from my daughter and sound effects played by my son (on some weird toy, pictured)

#octaver #synthesiser #music

Where can you find music / Search iTunes and choose it / Spotify that melody / Where can you begin to take your playlist of blues / On Garageband or Audacity / Where can you learn to mix / Play those great guitar licks / Study musicology / Set up feeds in Downcast / So you'll get your podcasts / When your iPhone starts to bleep

In Octaver / Yes, you can play your favourite songs / In Octaver / Yes, it will last the whole month long / In Octaver / Come on now, people, share some tunes / In Octaver, in Octaver / Can't you hear those Audioboos / In Octaver / Come on, get out your old LP's / In Octaver / Come on convert to MP3's / In Octaver / Come on now, people, play some tunes / In Octaver, in Octaver, in Octaver (in Octaver)

They want you, they want you / They want you and your favourite tunes