Woofy Dog Boo

Apr 26, 2009, 02:48 PM
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ColtSeavers - over 8 years ago

hahaha, whatever works :) great boo 8)


__nahatsu - over 8 years ago

Hello! Thanks for yr reply...Mr. Sooty what a great name!!
I grew up with avalanches of pets; including a great dog and several million kittens/cats chooks ducks and at one time, a horse ((haha!))


artpunk - over 8 years ago

Hi Tasha, I'm really glad you got a laugh from this 'boo' - we frequently get a laugh from our Mr Sooty (the dog).
Hello little girl, I wonder who you could be? ;-) - I can see how the whole dog - little girl thing could get in the way of marriage and besides which you would have to get your fathers permission wouldn't you? (and I can't see that happening!)


BeccyBoo - over 8 years ago

Oooooooooooooooooh thats my angel I really want to marry my dog but he's a dog and i'm a young girl. I LOVE YOU SOOTY THE MAN FROM THE MOON!!!


__nahatsu - over 8 years ago

Howdy from Sydney heard yr "BOO" and had a grand laugh!
I don't have ipod so must use web!